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Wouldn’t it be great if you could attract candidates before they even search for a career? What about finding job seekers applying to your positions immediately after they’re posted? While this concept seems great, the secret to getting candidates excited and interested in your positions lies not in promoting the jobs themselves but marketing your organization as a great place to work.

Find, attract, and engage potential candidates, whether passive or active, when your human resources team partners with CRM Software. Learn to bolster awareness of your organization and increase your talent pool. Get helpful pointers on not only working with your organization’s advertising team but also thinking like a marketer. HR marketing isn’t just a fad—it’s a strategy you’ll want for the long haul. 

Marketing Tools

HOW IT WORKS ........Smart App software is essentially the future of mobile and business CRM, sales and advertising all under one convenient platform. Essentially marketing your business every time someone opens up their social media account or general internet on there smartphones, tablets or computers within a 1km - 10km radius of your business. Customer management, sales, leads management or advertising. Promoting your business relevant to it's location while being seen on the most popular websites in the world has never been easier.


Automatically promote your business on every nearby smartphone, tablet or computer. Software you can run off your smartphone through our app or desktop back office and advertise on multiple platforms at once.


Turn your smartphone into a lead generation machine anywhere, any time. Unlimited broadcasting digitally included in one low monthly fee. You decide your promotional message you want to broadcast, include photo's, logo, your digital business card and so much more.


Set your virtual broadcast location to anywhere in the world, and update it any time. KeyStone is a location based software that sends your localized message and ads to every nearby smartphone, tablet, laptop, computer with CRM management for your teams activities.


Now while these new sales and marketing tools are leading-edge technology they will require training from our local consultants to get you started and we provide this service to our customers. Couple this with new leads generated can bolster your marketing campaigns increasing ROI for your business.

This information coupled with your sales offers broadcasting from your KeyStone software can help increase sales for all types of businesses. KeyStone Software is a digitally wireless distribution of sales, CRM and advertising content associated with a particular business or place. Transmissions can be received by individuals and smart devices in that location who wish to receive them and have the necessary equipment to do so. Customers can now react to, engage with or use this information to lead them right to your business.


Automatically edited your ads with the ad editor, track all your Ad analytics, sales and lead activities - from new prospects to signed deals - with reminders when it’s time to follow-up and share digital business cards with customers.


Effortlessly manage a team of any size, with detailed analytics so you can monitor everyone’s exact sales activities. Chat live all in one place with our software...keeping your team informed has never been easier.


Share videos, presentations, photos and scripts with your team. With unlimited storage, all of your content and contacts can stay organized, accessible and up to date. Unlimited license is included at no additional charge with every subscription.

"Our ability to build a strong connection and leverage our networks to ensure your success is by having a deep understanding of the professional business needs of your organizations".

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