Stop searching through stacks of resumes or "tracking" candidates. Find, attract, and engage potential candidate resources, whether passive or active, when your human resource team partners with Positive Lifestyles Recruitment.

We provide employers with top quality candidate selection based on a multi-stage hiring process backed by behavioral analysis and varying psychology based assessments that are 50x more accurate than resume screening.

We provide employers with the "Right fit" and candidates have a better experience. Our solutions are proven to dramatically improve workplace safety, improve job performance, reduce turnover, and streamline the hiring process.

Positive Lifestyles Recruitment is a private family and employee-owned Canadian corporation founded in Alberta. With over 20 years of experience we have been fulfilling talent staffing demands for Canadian businesses while providing 360 recruitment solutions for all positions.

Our ability to build strong connections and leverage our networks to ensure your success is by having a deep understanding of the professional career needs of people and organizations.

Our 20 years of industry experience has taught us that those with specialized knowledge are more likely to successfully serve our clients over other recruitment agencies. Our staffing agency provides specialized talent and jobs in a variety of industries including but not limited to, Accounting & Finance, Engineering & Technical, Executive Search, Industrial, Information Technology, Human Resources, Legal, Office, Sales & Marketing, and Supply Chain & Operations. We provide recruiting/ employer solutions whether temporary, contract, permanent or executive.

Positive Lifestyles Recruitment consultants maintain regular contact with their candidates to ensure they remain informed and committed. We take advantage of this consistent dialogue to screen each individual, assessing their qualifications, competencies, experience, and enthusiasm. Often prospective candidates, especially the great ones, are doing the same – asking important questions to help them weigh the current opportunity and form an opinion of your department – reinforcing the importance of choosing a provider you trust.

Today, our mission is to positively impact lives, and we do so by living our core values every day providing service excellence to our customers.


Positive Lifestyles Recruitment process is trusted by hundreds of companies in Southern Alberta and across Canada. Utilizing our comprehensive, up to date Applicant Tracking System (ATS) and assessments, our consultants are able to readily source and match quality candidates with a variety of skill sets for all of your hiring needs.


We are so confident in our abilities to find you the right candidate that we operate as a contingency recruiter. Our fee is contingent upon our successful placement of candidates that meet your requirements, your culture, your technical requirement and your budget. In other words, there will be no-fees paid unless you hire a candidate presented by Positive Lifestyles Recruitment. We also accept our payments by invoices or credit card.


Approximately 50 to 75% of all business expenses are related to recruitment, hiring, turnover, benefits and absenteeism. Positive Lifestyles Recruitment provides recruitment and staffing solutions for employees and other forms of flexible staffing, we provide several ways to reduce costs and optimize your human resource ROI. These solutions can benefit your business by: 

  • Recruitment Cost Savings: We manage all employee recruitment allowing you to focus on your business and what you do best.  Our recruitment process tends to be shorter, some hiring cycles can be as quick as 1-4 weeks. Our promise is to provide quality service with top candidates that are a "perfect fit" for your recruitment requirements and we back it with our Guarantee.
  • Administration Cost Savings: Reduce administrative costs and simplify the process.
  • On Demand Hiring: By utilizing our resources pool instead of your own staff during peak business periods, you can eliminate long hiring processes and high turnover expenditures during low business periods. We can match your workforce to seasonal, cyclical, or project-driven work patterns.
  • Overtime Savings: You can save on high turnover costs and maintain peak production.
  • Time Savings: When you work with our personnel, you are billed only for services provided, and contracts can be terminated on project completion, allowing you to access the highly-skilled and experienced staff without the costs typically associated with internal resource hires.


We stand by our 30 to 120 day Guarantee. A repeat customer and referrals to other friends is validation enough for our "Positive Lifestyles Recruitment" team! If the original candidate leaves or is let go for any reason other than the elimination of the position or corporate re-structure, we provide a zero cost replacement guarantee which provides employers with a second search process for a new candidate.